The last few weeks I have found some really nice sources for information on technology in South Africa and startups. Startups are an interest of mine and on the Bloomberg channel (channel 411) on DStv there is a show dedicated to it. The show is hosted by Cris Valerio and she travels all over the world to report on start-ups and challenges they face. I have noticed that on her show, her guests are more willing to communicate on certain issues than on blogs. Venture is shown on Saturdays and Sundays in South Africa.

Bloomberg describes “Venture gives viewers an inside look at what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. The weekly half-hour program, hosted by Cris Valerio, will feature interviews with entrepreneurs and small business owners, focusing on issues and policy that impacts the way Main Street does business.”

On the web there are some really great startup information hubs (I will mention a few as there are many) :

Hacker News is a great source and takes me back to the Internet prior to blogging.The threads are in general full of good content and usually a great source of education. provides a curated experience. I must admit it has become a favourite of mine and is filled with all kinds of gems.

Ultimately one gets all the information, you need to make your own assumptions on it. I certainly have found all of these mentioned to be valuable.