Vani Kola resigns from Snapdeal board – The Economic Times

Snapdeal is a cautionary lesson for ecommerce investors and the Indian ecommerce market. Snapdeal was until Amazon entered India in position 2 in the market and through pivots and lack of focus ultimately lost market position. Snapdeal never innovated to provide Indian customers with something that was not seen on Flipkart and Amazon India. The investor lesson is simple – when you have a large investor (Softbank who also went through changes in leadership) earlier investors had little say about their investment. Kalaari Capital was an early supporter of Snapdeal yet this sudden resignation leads to questions. Flipkart gains an investor, Snapdeal founders get more cash and Indian ecommerce loses a competitor for Flipkart and Amazon.


Amazon’s epic 20-year run as a public company, explained in five charts – Recode

Soaring revenue and cash flow, plus intentionally tiny profits is the summary of this once in a generation business. Amazon has consistently disrupted itself to stay relevant and ensured that it remained a customer champion through investment into logistics.