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decide.com – the language of ecommerce

Backed by science, not marketing.

Decide.com – make a note of that name. 12 months ago I found the Seattle startup after doing research on ecommerce recommendation engines (This was prior to Hunch being acquired by eBay, whom I thought was onto something). Recommendation services for ecommerce products are high on the agenda for ecommerce powerhouses whom I believe are looking to acquire these service providers or startups.  When you have the user’s attention and willing to pay then a recommendation could lead to an addition into the shopping cart. Upselling is a classic retail strategy yet in ecommerce it is not something many execute well. Lets all agree that Jeff Bezos was well before the time when Amazon rolled it out. The truth is that it needs to be refreshed.

Anyway, what is the one thing that all ecommerce users fear? Besides the courier losing the product, it is buyers regret. I am honest, I have had one occurrence of it and it hurts real bad. Suddenly a joyous event hurts right into your credit card. So, recommendations and additional references can ensure that users know that they are really getting the latest, highest rated and best price for a product they wish to acquire. Decide.com tick all three boxes and I believe that clever shoppers will realise that decide.com is a real hero in the purchasing process.

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Decide.com helping stop buyers regret

I have also decided to also mention some online products or startups that I think that are going places. For the record I am not an investor nor am I affiliated to any of these companies.

The first one I am going to mention is Decide.com.

Backed by science, not marketing.

Decide is all about leveraging data and technology, not marketing ploys, to help shoppers. We use our patent-pending machine learning and text mining algorithms on billions of price points across millions of products, blog posts, and articles on the web to enable shoppers to make the best buying decision possible.

As I love gadgets, I often find myself wondering if I am in a retail store (yes, I do go the bricks and mortar shops) if I am getting the best deal. With the emergence of mobile apps and mobi sites , the shopper can get the final piece of information to make a purchase decision. Decide takes this a step further and do price predictions to ensure that you buy the latest version and am not getting ripped off.

Don’t get burned on price.

Price predictions help you pull the trigger with confidence and save money. Our prediction algorithms utilize billions of observed price movements and over 40 distinct factors.

I think this startup is heading into a space which could be beneficial to entire eCommerce industry. Giving the user more ammunition that the price is right and that there is not a new model on the way soon is trust building factors, that cannot easily be done in the current online shopping experience. As soon as they add more categories (only cameras, LCD TV’s and  notebooks) then I think they could become an acquisition target.

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